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Magical World of Winx!

Winx Fairy School on IOS & Android! $6.99 for Both Devices!

Episode 11 will air on May 10th, 2014 @ 1/12c!

May's Fairy: MUSA!

How will the Winx defeat Selina, the Legendarium, & the Trix, if Bloomix isn't strong enough? Will Mythix help the Winx in defeating Acheron, a powerful Wizard, and lock the Legendarium up for good?

Bloomix, is a new transformation the Winx have to earn by doing brave and courageous acts!

Mythix is the next transformation for the Winx, after Bloomix. Mythix is earned with their Wands, once they enter the Legendarium.

Find out about everything, from Winx Club updates, to fun posts bringing back memories! Feel free to ask any questions, about me, Winx Club, or both :).

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Jul 24 '13

Winx Club on Ice~! (Comic: Magix on Ice)

****This is not in order. You would be a little confused****

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